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San Francisco 2015 conference

Consumer Conference Feedback

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A huge thanks to the 260 delegates and 13 sponsors from the US, Australia, Mexico, Nepal and Greece who made our May Australian conference such an outstanding success.

Thanks must go to the 24 parents and surrogates who gave up their time to share their stories and experiences in panels and presentations as well as the 20 professional speakers.

The post conference survey showed 75% rating the two day event as 'excellent' and feedback from intended parents was, as usual hugely positive

"Meeting everyone at the conference ... was amazing"

"what I took from the recent conference was don't give up if having kids us important to you. There are options"

"It was a great conference  and we learned so much about what is needed to make this journey"

"the information we gleaned was invaluable. We are so grateful to everyone to exposing us to the stories of the good, bad and ugly so we can better prepare ourselves"

"The combined knowledge was invaluable"

"it truly was a great weekend full of wonderful people & information ... I am truly thankful, appreciative & happy to be welcomed & be a part of such a fantastic community"

"I am very new to this journey .... it was  very valuable to me and I was so very impressed by the organisation of it all. I  ....thank all the panelists that gave their very personal sides of their stories."

We are nearly ready to announce our US conference program for San Francisco in September

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