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Upcoming global surrogacy conferences

Share stories. Make decisions based
on evidence.
Protect your
family’s future.
Engage with the latest

1-2 day consumer conferences on in-country and international surrogacy
Who attends?

Intended parents, singles, couples, straight & gay.

Parents with children via surrogacy;

Parents who have commenced surrogacy journeys;

Surrogates; Researchers; Surrogacy agency staff; Egg & sperm donor agencies; IVF doctors

What is the format?
Each conference includes presentations, panel debates and workshops
Who are the speakers?
  • parents sharing their own journeys
  • children through surrogacy
  • surrogates
  • leading researchers
  • leading IVF physicians
  • endorsed surrogacy service providers
  •  infertility counsellors
  • specialist fertility lawyers
  • psychologists
 What you can expect:
  • To meet other intended parents on the same path
  • To hear from & engage with
    • leading experts in surrogacy practice
    • leading egg and sperm provider agencies
    • parents who have gone on your journey
    • children born through surrogacy, discussing their lives
  • To come away with objective up-to-date knowledge on
    • legal protections available
    • what issues are important to consider
    • egg and sperm sourcing options
    • compensated and non-compensated surrogacy options
    • overcoming logistical and legal issues
    • relative costs
    • the pitfalls and traps to beware of
    • psychological outcomes for children born through surrogacy
    • optimal surrogate screening practices
    • disclosure to your children & wider networks


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